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Feilai Stone, also known as “artificial composite environmentally friendly water-washing stone”, is a new type of water-washing stone that has been developed by Yueshen Technology R&D team for three years and refined through various materials. Applying for patents in many countries around the world; it has brought about a breakthrough change in the entire garment washing industry.

Product Different

Natural volcanic stone has poor wear resistance

The natural volcanic stone has poor wear resistance. During the washing process, it is usually reduced by 30% after washing once, causing a large amount of sludge. If it is not cleaned up in time, it will cause serious damage to the environment. According to the relevant regulations of the state, enterprises need to re-treat the sludge, so that the enterprise pays considerable economic costs.

Feilai stone has strong wear resistance

Feilai stone has strong abrasion resistance and will not shrink during washing, and will not wear or deform. The test shows that the Feilai stone wash water can still maintain the same size and the same quality for 150 times, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise.

High cost

Natural volcanic rocks are mostly imported from China to Indonesia or Turkey, which not only causes waste of transportation costs, but also transports foreign toxic substances back to China. The sludge left after use is caused to the Chinese environment. Serious pollution.

Feilai stone cost is low

Compared with the amount of volcanic stone, not only saves the cost of washing stones, but also reduces the washing process, saves water and electricity, and saves the production cost for the manufacturer.

Natural volcanic stone is seriously polluted

If the natural volcanic rock is used after the use of the volcanic rock, if it is not properly treated, it will affect the re-growth and utilization of the land; if it flows into the river, it will destroy the entire ecological environment after the rainwater penetrates.

Feilai stone do not cause pollution

After being used for hundreds of times, Feilai Stone can still maintain good wear resistance. The waste products produced after one year can be recycled and reused, which will not affect the health of employees and will not cause damage to the environment.

Natural volcanic rocks affect human health

Natural volcanic rocks are also a hazard to the health of local plant operators because they are high in sulfuric acid and volcanic dust can burn people's respiratory tract. This damage cannot be repaired and affects human health.

Feilai stone is harmless to humans

Feilai Stone is independently researched and developed by the company. Both production technology and manufacturing cost are strictly controlled and meet the national environmental protection standards. The small amount of waste generated is easy to handle and will not pollute the environment, thus achieving energy saving and product reduction. Environmental pollution.

Natural volcanic stone produces high rate of defective products

Natural volcanic rocks are easily decomposed during the washing process, and the quality of the denim washing water is uncontrollable, resulting in a high rate of defective products. According to statistics, the rate of defective products produced by using natural volcanic stones is as high as 3%, which causes serious economic impact on enterprises. loss.

Natural volcanic sludge treatment costs are high

The large amount of sludge produced by natural volcanic rocks after use is subject to strict treatment according to national environmental standards, and the sludge disposal cost is too high.

Natural volcanic stone detection rate is low

Due to the high metal content of the volcanic stone, the volcanic ash is attached to the denim fiber during the washing process, and it is difficult to thoroughly clean it, resulting in a high metal elimination rate after washing.

Natural volcanic stone has a high rate of rework

According to the survey, the use of natural volcanic stone has a backwash rate of 10-20%, which is easy to cause damage and other problems. Because of its poor wear resistance, the quality is difficult to control during operation.

Feilai stone zero defect rate

The rate of defective products produced during the production process of feilai stones is low, even reaching zero defect rate.

Feilai stone waste disposal cost is low

The use of Feilai Stone does not produce sludge, and the use of the eliminated fly-off stone factory after one year of recycling is used to save the sludge treatment costs for the enterprise.

Feilai stone inspection qualified

From the analysis of the denim service, the quality of the feilai stones is stable, and the metal detection zero elimination rate.

Feilai stone zero rework rate
The newly developed Feilai Stone can stably control the effect of washing water during the operation process, and will not cause problems such as fading and damage, and easily achieve zero rework rate.
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Feilai Stone Use Effect
With the nostalgic style of the fashion world, the full-featured washable denim is also a must-have for many people who are beautiful. The environmentally-friendly wash stone can achieve different washing effects according to different requirements of customers, showing a deep processing technology. Beautiful visual effects
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